Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It Aint' Over 'till All the Votes are Counted: Willoughby Eastlake School Levy (Issue 7)

Well, well, well. Sources tell us that the Willoughby Eastlake Teacher's Association (WETa) has been giddy that 427 more voters voted "YES" than "NO" on November 3rd for Issue 7. Giddy you ask? We have been told that WETa president Tom Moscovic approached the podium with W-I-D-E SMILE to "thank" the voters of the seven municipalities included in the Willoughby-Eastlake School (WES) district.

I guess WETa President Tom Moscovic didn't bother to notice that there about 500 uncounted votes. The News-Herald breaks the numbers down in each of the WES municipalities.

ITS HIGHLY UNLIKELY, but if 80% of late vote goes for the Nays we can teach the WES District that it can't stick it hand out when everyone else is hurting. But, wait a minute! Early results showed that more than 60% of the absentees went against the levy! God help us!

The passage of this levy only teaches the beggars to keep their hands out.

Superintendent Keith Miller negotiated a wage freeze with all the unions, but said the levy was needed to buy books and computers. So, we need $5.9 million in books and computers over the next five years?

Don't think so! I bet the WETa President comes back next year and demands bigger raises. Guess what! The teachers will get the raises with two of their own winning board seats. God help us! The inmates will be running the asylum.

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