Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lost Nation Airport: Always More to A Story

Today's News-Herald mentions that the long awaited report that will SUPPOSEDLY help to decide the fate of Willoughby's Lost Nation Airport. This is part of the two phase study that will cost the tax payers about $100, 000 according to the first mention of the report in the News-Herald this past September.

Here's the long and the short of it. About three years ago the Lake County Commissioners mentioned that they MAY interested in purchasing the Airport from the City of Willoughby. This helped the City of Willoughby to decide on an end to a longstanding squabble with the Fixed Base Operator (FBO) T & G Flying Club that has run the airport's operations for the past 20 years. Details can be found in the News-Herald Article, here.

A new FBO was chosen this past Fall. The FBO is CLASSIC JET CENTER.


"Classic ..." sounds familiar.

Classic Automotive group!

That's right!

Classic Automotive Group Mogul Jim Brown has a lot of car dealerships in Lake County.

Jim Brown also is a Board Member on the Lake County Port Authority.

The Lake County Port Authority helps finance deals in Lake County.

Wait a minute!

Jim Brown: owns Classic Automotive owns Classic Jet Lake County Port Authority Board Member.

Wait a another minute!

The Lake County Commissioners want to buy the Airport that Lake County Port Authority Board Member nows operates a business at!


Oh, yes!

What do you want to bet us that the Lake County Commissioners will buy the Lost Nation Airport from the City of Willoughby and continue to allows Lake County Port Authority Board Member Jim Brown to keep running his new business Classic Jet Center.

Bet the report does not even matter!

There is more to these stories about Lost Nation Airport reports!


  1. What would you suggest be done with the airport? Housing Development? Rock and Roll history museum? What? Cuyahoga County has one of those already--then again, they have a baseball stadium too, and that didn't stop Eastlake from getting one of its own. Maybe a Medical Mart? Anything but an airport!

  2. How about expanding the golf course, sports center, allowing night time soccer games at the sports park? Or how about growing grapevines and building a winery. That would do so much more for the area than the airport. Anthony Debevc would know how to make it happen!

  3. The airport was there in the thirties , I consulted regarding the airport in the eighties , the nineties , and about nine years ago, and I would bet that it'll be there operating as an airport in 2020. Lost Nation is a dumb , depressing name for an airport that will continue being less of an asset than it could be------but it'll still be there in ten years. Bet on it large.


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