Monday, November 16, 2009

State Gov't trying to Seize More of Your Money: Form a Line!

State law makers are hoping they can hand Governor Ted Strickland your money by the bag full! That's right!

Lake County Residents in some communities are being faced with tax hikes on property, now the State wants more money to fix its budget!

Governor Ted Strickland and Ohio's Legislature knew full well we were billions short of balancing the budget this year. Both the democrats AND republicans have plenty of the blame to SHARE.

However, the local media and the Governor have been rather disingenuous and very political. Thomas Suddes wrote a piece this week-end in Sunday opinion section of the Plain Dealer and posted on that is a total hatchet job on the issue! Here is the article.

In a nutshell: This past summer the State of Ohio Senate finally agreed to the passage of a $53.6 billion budget approved by the House and blessed by the Governor, see here. The State was billions more short, but after taking a handout from the Federal Gov't the Ohio Legislature passed a budget that depended on the now defunct Video Lottery Terminals to generate $1 billion dollars.

The first thing to point out here is that the budget agreed to by the House and Senate was only a %1.7 cut from the previous budget. This is disgusting, symbol of an arrogant out-of-touch government all of whom don't know the meaning of dollar.

Only a 1.7% cut from last budget...despite having double digit drops in revenue!!!!!

Both political parties and the Governor got this wrong! That is, unlike many families the Ohio Legislature and Government doesn't know it can't spend what it does not have!

This effects us all! Since the budget sustained a cut, a paltry one at that, the Willoughby-East Lake School district and Libraries both asked for a levy. Local communities can only assume more requests for tax increases are coming.

Now, to plug the last billion dollar hole both MarK Schneider (D, OH-63) and Lorraine Fende (D, OH 62) have decided to thumb their noses at a law past a few years ago and increase your taxes this year. That's right! A tax increase by democrats in the Ohio House and the Governor is discussed by the Plain Dealer, here.

Both Rep. Fende and Rep. Schneider voted to increase taxes on Ohians by delaying your tax cut. Do Rep.'s Fende and Schenieder not know some of us already had our taxes increased?


  1. Are you the same idiot that runs that "Whats Happening Painesville" blog. The two are very simular? I don't need to waste my time reading a post from a racist.

  2. Actually, no I am a different "idiot.". By "idiot" you must mean someone who disagrees with you; there is nothing on this site, in any of the posts, that deals with race.

  3. Where in Lake County do you call home? For how long? What do you mean by RINO in name only?
    I take it your against immigration reform also?

  4. I have a lived in Lake County for several years. I am not against immigration either. Immigration built this country; we continue to attract the world's best and brightest.

  5. Haven't you figured it out yet, Lake County Blog? Any idea or opinion that isn't lock step with a liberal agenda is veiled racism.

  6. Right on Anon 2! I/we am not taking either side on here. We do have opinions about things like taxes, etc. For instance, we were promised a tax cut. It was written into law.

    Poor fiscal discipline and the inability to take a cut now means tax levies for the schools, libraries, and an increase in State income tax.

    That's not liberal or conservative!


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