Wednesday, February 3, 2010

BOO HOO: Callender Press Release; Jamie Callender Ducks out of OH-62

Below is a press release from former State Rep. Jamie Callender; Callender indicates he will NOT run for State Rep.  Essentially, Callender is blaming someone...maybe democrats...maybe nameless bloggers dedicated to the truth for being willing to go negative on him.

Mr. Callender: If you can't be trusted by your family and/or can the public trust you?  No one, but you did what you are hiding from!  Blame yourself!

Loraine Fende is not better, Mr. better!  You know as well as us about her and Judge Larry Allen.  You know she uses her alleged "relationship" with the Judge to intimidate people into not running.  Why hasn't Judge Allen married her?

Anyways...onto the press release have no one to blame but yourself!


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Comments accusing private citizens of anything will be eliminated, or edited, or re-posted after certain facts can be confirmed.

    Unfortunately, public officials...those considering running for office who put it out the news, etc. do not enjoy the same privilege.

    In this case a commenter purporting to be someone accused someone else of using this forum as a means of political retribution.

    Since neither the identity of the commentor or the other case could be confirmed the comment was removed.

  3. Please understand that one the goals of this blog is hold public officials...past and present...accountable. This is includes those running for office.

    This country was founded by brave men who risked life and limb to put the truth out there for the public to matter how bad those hiding from it did not want it exposed.


We don't Censor...we just make sure its polite and factual! Accusations made against private citizens will not be tolerated. Public Officials, past & present, or those seeking office do not enjoy the same treatment. If you don't like it...don't run for office!