Thursday, February 25, 2010

WILLOUGHBY HILLS TRIPLES DOWN:Third Reading of Proposed Income Tax Legislation

Tonight Willoughby Hills City Council will have a third reading of proposed legislation that will change the income tax structure in their City.
QUOTE: "...a proposed amendment to the Charter of the City providing for an increase in the rate of the municipal income tax to 2.25% and a tax credit of 100% with said credit limit to be equal to 1.85%."

That is a direct quote from the Council Meeting Agenda for tonight, posted below.
Willoughby Hills Council Agenda 02252010
The fact is that one group will be paying higher income taxes while another group will pay lower income taxes, if this is passed; the income tax, or payroll tax, the workers at Willoughby Hills businesses that work in the City but do not live in the city will pay more in payroll taxes.

Sure, some residents will pay less in taxes, which is good for the Council Members' and Mayors' constituents' pocket books--we get that.  However, businesses in North East Ohio have made it clear they will not tolerate these sort of money grabs.  That's not our opinion, ask American Greetings and the City of Brooklyn.

This is bad for business in a difficult time.

The bottom line is that Cities can not keep raising taxes on businesses.

Please do not play the fiddle for Safety Forces.  People are getting tired of that.  Case in point: Willoughby Hills Police Department makes a strong presence on I-90 known; don't you think people get tired of seeing Traffic Patrols, especially Willoughby Hills police cars parked next to one another on I-90 talking to each other and other departments?  This sort of reminds people of Lindale.

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