Monday, February 22, 2010

Food for Thought: Should Everyone Continue to Subsidize Utility Costs for a Small Group?

We have talked a lot about Utility Companies, the Public Utilities Commission (PUCO), the politics of it to a lesser extent, and the controversies that have cropped up around these issues.

Sen. Tim Grendell recently sued on behalf of North East Ohio Residents claiming the Electric Utilities are breaching contract by upping the rates of all-electric customers.  Both the PUCO and Electric Utility admits that everyone else subsidizes the artificially low rats of all-electric users, those using electric furnaces more specifically.

Its also good to see that Rep. Lorraine Fende has finally showed her face to her constituents; Rep. Fende hosted a town-hall forum on utilities.

QUESTION: Should everyone else artificially keep the approximately 100, 000 customers who use electric heat electric rates low?

QUESTION: Did Sen. Grendell think about the rest of us, or is this just a bombastic attempt to grab headlines?

The real problem hear is that BOTH Sen. Grendell and Rep. Fende have sat idly by over the past year as WE, your faithful blog, started poitning these issues out.  Furthermore, both Rep. Fende AND Sen. Grendell were in the State Legislature when Gov. Strickland's so-called energy bill, S.B. 221.

S.B. 221 mandated that Utilities reduce production, which, you guessed it! decreased revenue!

Who do you think is and is going to make up for lost revenue?  Enter the failed light bulb distribution program from the fall.

Here is the so-called energy bill that both Rep. Fende and Sen. Grendell were around for
SB 221 Energy Bill
For you layman out there, us included, here is the bill analysis
SB 221 Bill Analysis

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