Thursday, February 11, 2010

More Thoughts on New Lake County Tax Increase Proposals

A few hours ago we ranted and raved about 1) Willoughby Hills proposing to hike the City Income Tax via a resolution which would place an issue on the May ballot, and 2)The Lake County Commissioners voting 3-0 to place a property tax levy on the May ballot.

Both Willoughby Hills City Council and the Board of Lake County Commissioners are comprised of both Republicans and Democrats.  The Board of Lake County Commissioners in particular has two democrats and one republican:

1) Board President Dan Troy (D),
2) Commissioner Bob Aufulidsh (D), and
3)Commissioner Ray Sines (R).

The Board of Commissioners voted 3-0 to pass the resolution.  Therefore, both republicans and democrats are conspiring to raise your taxes.

Shame needs to be heaped on both parties here.  Both parties voted on the resolution to put a levy on the ballot this May.

Looks like we have republocrats on our hands!

What will Willoughby Hills decide tonight?

When will enough be enough?  When will elected officials stop trying to mug our pay checks?

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  1. why shouldn't the people decide on whether they think their local government is doing a good job and if they want to accept cuts or pay more to continue certain services? isn't the real problem when our politicians waste our tax money and then raise our taxes without giving us a vote on the issues?


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