Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fende and Grendell Catch On: Someone is Finally Looking at the Plight of Utility Consumers in Ohio

It looks like Loraine Fende and Tim Grendell have been paying attention to us and has decided to take some action on issues we have been discussing for months.  Loraine Fende will have a town hall meeting to discuss electrical rates.  Tim Grendell filed a class action lawsuit in Geauga County common Pleas Court regarding the rise in electric rates for some people.

We have been discussing these issues for months, see here, for instance.
Let's digress for a moment. Everytime we try to deal with substantiave issues (e.g. utilitiy companies, the Public Utilities Commission (PUCO), etc.) a local City Council OR the Board of Commissioners OR Finance District OR a County Board try to or publicly announce tax increases or that they are thinking about tax increases.

 Then, there are political machinations about who will be which party's candidate for what.

The Democrats slate card in Lake County is set, and has been: Dan Troy is political force, like-it-or-not, and the Democrats control hold OH-62 and OH-62 House seats. Therefore, all has been quiet about which Democrat will run.  Today, Dave Fiebig announced his candidacy, against Mike Zuren, for the Republican Party nomination for the OH-62 seat.

That has left our Republican friends.
However, months ago we decided to dealve into the utilities compamies, utlity bills the Public Utilities Commission, etc. and try to point out how much legislators in Ohio, the Governor, and their political flunkies have helped the utility companies take more of your money.

We are glad to see Rep. Loraine Fende and Sen. Grendell following our lead and paying attention to these issues.

More to follow.

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