Wednesday, February 24, 2010

OH-62 (House District): The Field is Shrinking

Sure: Mike Zuren (R Eastlake) was a long shot.  For those of you who have not heard Mike Zuren withdrew his candidacy for Republican Party nomination for OH-62; The Lake County Board of Elections accepted his withdrawal.  That means, you guessed it, no primary! The News-Herald makes mention of here and here.  

Our interpretation is that someone or something encouraged Mike Zuren to leave the primary race.

Zuren may have seemed a distraction for Councilman Dave Fiebig, but also served to force the Councilman to the right.

All in all, despite Loraine Fende being an inept, weak, embarrassment as a legislator Fiebig needs every second and every penny to even stand a chance.  This is NOT an indictment of Councilman Fiebig, rather the hard reality that Loraine Fende is an entrenched political entity in Western Lake County who will have between $500, 000 and $800, 000 in combined resources spent to hold this seat.  Thankfuly, she is term limited out after this election, and does not stand a chance for her party's nomination when OH-18 Senate Seat becomes available (insert Dan Troy).

Councilman Fiebig needs to get serious about his campaign, tough, unafraid to HIT Fende where it hurts, and for the love GOD drop any talk of an income tax increase in Willoughby Hills.

Councilman Fiebig: You were given a pass in the primary, please use it as an opportunity to stop any conversation about tax increases in your city, go raise a boat of cash, and make this a good election.

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