Monday, February 22, 2010

Loraine Fende's Candidate Committee Filing and Some Thoughts on OH-62

Rep. Loraine Fende does not have a primary opponent this Spring, but she will have one in this Falls General Election for Ohio's 62nd House District Seat.

The House Democrat caucus MUST hold OH-62.  There is no room for a loss in OH-62.  The House Democrat cuacus will spend better than $500, 000 to defend the OH-62 seat; but, we are wondering how much Loraine Fende will bring to the table.

The January Candidate Committee filing for her Loraine Fende reported $17, 639.34 on-hand.  Not so much!  Rest assured: the $$$$$$$$$$ will start dumping into her coffers this Spring.  Fende will have a six-figure campaign committee account soon.  Here is Loraine Fende's report summary and contributions followed by the expenditures:
Fende Candidate Committee Filing

Fende Expenditures
Bottom line: Fende will raise big bucks, and the House Democrat Caucus will spend big bucks, let's sayshe raises $150, 000 and they (the caucus) spends $600, 000. That brings the total spent to $750, 000. There is no way either Dave Fiebig or Michael Zuren can raise that much cash, and using "no way" 
is generous.

Hypothetically, IF Dave Fiebig were to win this May's primary he may be able to round up $50, 000
(that is nothing to sneeze at), however the House Republican Caucus still will not come up with the rest of the money needed to win.

The problem is that Fende has won each of the last three elections by roughly 60-40 margins (note: ChrisGalloway did a little better); with these numbers in mind the House Republican Caucus will not spend 
the necessary money. The necessarry money, say $500,000 - $600,000, is need to by T.V time and
BEAT UP Fende's pro-tax record. However, we know that Dave Fiebig might have a hard time calling Loraine Fende the tax-and-spend liberal that has shown us. Sigh. Two more years of Loraine unless 
the money rains down on Dave Fiebig, when we say rain we mean dump, pour, flood. Dave Fiebig 
would also have to do anything necessary to delay an income tax increase of any sort in Willoughby 

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