Thursday, February 4, 2010

Latourette has a Contender...and a New go along with Two Others!

Moments after your faithful blog told you that Local Democrats and Republicans NEED to run someone serious against Steve Latourette...the competition rears its unwelcome head!

That's right!  Get ready 14th Congressional District!  This Saturday February 6th we are told that Judge Bill O'Oneill will announce another campaign to unseat Steve Latourette.

The Plain Dealer reports here, about O'neil and his rematch.

However, don't expect Steve Latourette to go easily--despite the weak fund raising.  Apparently the Latourettes plan to stick around Washington for awhile.  Why you ask?

Well, Jennifer Latourette (17 years young than than the Rep.), the staffer turned lobbyist turned house wife formerly known as Jennifer Laptook, recently bought a house in Virginia for seven figures!

The Plain Dealer reported last week the following:

Jennifer LaTourette, the wife of Bainbridge Township GOP Rep. Steve LaTourette,  bought a six-bedroom house last fall on a cul-de-sac in the tony Washington suburb of McLean, Virginia. Public records show she paid $1.3 million. Real estate records say the house was built in 2008 and has 5.5 bathrooms. Her purchase was reported in the February 2010 edition of Washingtonian magazine.
A smaller house they previously occupied in Alexandria, VA is currently on the market for $1,195,000  -- somewhat less than the $1,240,000 Mrs. LaTourette paid for it in 2006.
Hmmm.  Latourette WILL turn on the fundraising machine and rake in the cash; and, he will go onto win.

However, the interesting questions come from the house purchase.  Was being a congressional staffer turned lobbyist that lucrative?  Guess so.  It was so lucrative she "paid" $1.3 million.  We will assume for the moment "paid" means she used a bank check; that's a lot of money.  To top it off being a former staffer and being married to a sitting congressman the Latourette's can afford two additional mortgages?  WOW!  That's right...the Latourette's according to the above article still have another house on the market AND it is well known that they have another home in Bainbridge (I will leave the address out).

Guess being a Congressman and marrying your younger staffer can pay off nicely!


  1. Five and a half bathrooms? Thats why people in Washington have no clue what happens in the real world. There can only be one reason for a house to have five and a half bathrooms, the people that live there are full of, well you know.

  2. Yep, unfortunaely that is what happens when one gets elected and starts a career inside the beltway. The outside world (and it seems sometimes one's own original family) and one's constituents are only cause for concern at election time.
    Too bad that Washington has such a corruptive influence on politicians - be they Republican or Democrat.
    Probably time for Latourette to go !!

    Anon #2


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