Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lost Nation Airport Back in the News

Who knows what the fate of Lost Nation Airport will ultimately become.  Lost Nation Airport is Willoughby's Municipal Airport.

The News-Herald reported today that the Lake County Port Authority uploaded report materials. A link to the Port Authority's page used to access the materials can be accessed here.
Lost Nation Study v 2

The power point presentation uploaded to the Port's site cost the tax payers $60, 000; could they not even upload the pages in sequence without scribbling?  If warranted the next phase of the study will cost us $35, 000.

On New Years Eve we were told by the News-Herald that Jim Brown resinged from the Port Board.  The Mayor of Willoughby should never have signed a fixed based operator agreement with Jim Brown's Classic Aviation knowing he was being appointment to the Port Board.  When Willoughby City Council voted on Classic Aviation's bid to become the Fixed Base Operator (FBO) how much thought went into the conflict of interest created by Jim Brown being on the Port Board, a soon-to-be business owner at the airport, and owning a hangar at the airport?

If the conflicts of interest created by Jim Brown, the City of Willoughby, and County Commisioners was not bad enough the Port Authority has been notorious for having meetings that are not properly announced,  Port Board meetings at Private Bussinesses, and incorrect information given about times and dates for meetings.  Here is an excerpt from their website regarding the upcoming meeting:
The wrong time was identified at the February 3, 2010 Lake County Port Authority Board Meeting for the Lost Nation Airport Public Meeting. The meeting will take place between 5 and 7 p.m. on Monday, February 22 at the Lost Nation Sports Park, 38630 Jet Center Place. The correct time and date was correctly listed in the public notices placed in the News Herald on January 22nd and February 5, 2010.
Rumor has it a combination of pressure (i.e. bullying and campaign contributions) by Jim Brown and Kucerca International is driving the decision makers (i.e. the County Commissioners and Port Board) to find any way they can to keep Lost Nation Airport when the City can close it down in 2016.  Jim Brown and Kucerca International want their own airport and will do anything to get their own airport.

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