Friday, February 12, 2010

Hardly News: Mark Schneider Announces Petition Filing. Real News: Mark Schneider and Bob Dicello Bully Muny's in Court.

The News-Herald reports that Mark Schnieder is seeking re-election.


More exciting is the analysis of Mark Schneider contributions we have done.  Also, OH-63 needs to know about Mark Schnieder, his employer (largest contributor), and the nasty fights his employer is engaging in with local municipalities.

Mark Schneider works with the Dicello law firm.  Look at Schneider's smiling mug on the website.

The Dicello's sponsor and participate in a radio program called "Real Law Radio."  The Dicello's have frequently bragged about having Mark Schneider in their law firm.

Ever seen those annoying Tim Misny commercials?  Why does it matter?

Well, the Dicello law firm represented Misny in a zoning dispute with Waite Hill.  See here.  Misny via Dicellow caused Waite Hilled to incur $125, 000 in legal expenses: money down the drain and into Mark Schneider and Bob Dicello pockets.

Misny via Dicello intimidated Kirtland into staying out of a legal fight about similar issues.

Mark Schneider and Bob Dicello make money beating up Lake County municipalities in court...and then funnel right into Schnieder's campaign!  Dicello has given thousands to Schneider's candidate committee.


  1. Do you have any proof? Tim Misney hired Dicello should he have not been allowed to do this. You connect dots that just about any politican could be connected to.

  2. You missed the point! Misny is free to hire anyone. Dicello is free to represent anyone.

    The point is that it looks bad for a law firm that brags about having a State Rep. on staff to be making the news for costing a local municipality better than $100, 000 in court costs.

    Do I have proof? The article is linked and the campaign contributions are posted.

    Look at Mark Schneider's Campaign Committee filing. The top contributor is Bob Dicello and the Dicello firm.


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