Monday, February 8, 2010

UPDATED: What is Chris Galloway Up To?

Dan Troy's recent Campaign Committee filing revealed that he has around $161, 000 on hand.  Trustee Chris Galloway knows he does not have a chance of raising that kind of money.  However, Galloway was reported to have pulled petitions, but has not filed.

Our guess is Galloway WILL NOT file petitions for County Commissioner.

So, what is Galloway up to?

A likely theory is Galloway signed out nominating petitions in order to float his name "out there" for some self serving reasons.  What reason you ask?  Well Well.

It seems that Galloway wants to keep the field of republican candidates clear.  Galloway wants to keep the field clear so that he can leverage a "deal" out of Dan Troy to keep him (Galloway) out of the race.

Basically, Galloway is looking for a "payoff" to stay out of the race.  An appointment?  Some business thrown to Red State Strategies...what ever Galloway can get.

Updated thought: Chris Galloway lost the race for OH-62.  Galloway was Former State Rep. Callender's legislative aide.  Hmmm.  Galloway could not win his old boss' seat (I's really the people's...yeah yeah), against Lorraine Fende...yet, he thinks he can win county-wide?  No...I don't think Trustee Galloway thinks he can win...let alone raise the six figures it will take to win.  Our bet is still on Galloway hoping for some sort of "pay off" to stay out of the Commissioner's don't think Dan Troy wants to work at getting elected do you?

Disclaimer:  We are NOT insinuating some sort of illegal activity when we say pay off...merely...that a "better opportunity" would present itself to Galloway via Dan Troy.


  1. That's funny. An unemployed punk with an attitude. I think that type of "pay off" is usually reserved for credible candidates, not recently divorced, unemployed, arrogant, and homeless (really? his ex-wife lives at his address? Doesn't he have to live in Concord to keep his trustee job?) carpet baggers......Just my opinion though.

  2. For the record: To be honest the comment moderation committee thought long and hard about the above comment above. Generally name calling is not nice.

    I do have to say that Trustee Galloway does not come off as very personable from what we have been told.

    We, the moderation committee, can confirm that Trustee Galloway has been recently divorced.

    The arrogant charge is more conjecture. However, the comment moderation committee feels that this is accurate.

    We can not, however, confirm that Trustee Galloway is homeless and/or is not residing in Concord.

    Do you have proof of either of these charges? Are the pictures of him sleeping outside, in his car, etc?

    Finally...carpet bagger is a little bit inaccurate. Technically Trustee Galloway has resided up here for a few years.

    Are you referring to him carpet bagging into OH-62 to run for the seat a few years ago?

  3. Homeless- he is staying "with friends" at an undisclosed location. Ask him for his voting address and then knock on the door and see who answers......
    Carpetbagger because he came here for a temp job on a campaign, and then decided to stay for the sole purpose of running for office. Kinda like Mark Schneider, except Schneider at least knew where Lake County was prior to targetting it......

  4. Galloway Is probably looking for some help in Concord Twp. concerns with the hospital relocation keep adding up, with no extra funding.
    Are Condord resident benefitting with the hospital; in there neck of the woods? At the same time the trustees coware to the hospital administration. Thats why the building is not part of the JEDD. Painesville City and the hospital handed a headache to our residents.

  5. Anonymous is ill-informed and must have some sort of ax to grind, and is also a poor speller. Galloway is a Concord resident and represents the residents well as a trustee.


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