Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fende and Schneider Voted YES on At Least 120 Fee Increases, and Counting (HB 1) and Increased your Income Tax 4.2% (HB 318)

Last year Rep. Loraine Fende and Rep. Mark Schneider voted YES on House Bill 1 (the State Budget for 2010 and 2011).  This Bill (see the Ohio Legislative Service Commission Bill Analysis) increased at least 120 fees on small businesses, big businesses, and YOU!  Increases took place on everything from the license fee ($50 -$100) to operate a meat precessing facility (page 93) TO fees on just about every license and test we take to do our jobs.  Everything from fees for securities licenses (page 193) TO fees for boiler operators (page 198) to elevator inspections fees (page 198) to Social Work and Therapist fees for tests and licenses (page 209) TO fees on real estate professionals (page 201) ..................... it goes on and on.  Seriously.  Just down load the PDF here and type "fee" in the search field.

The fee increases by businesses (like the example above) are passed onto YOU!  This is not to mention the numerous fees increased on all of us who renew car registrations, register with the State for a license or take a test.
Ohio House Bill 1 State Budget
Don't for get the 4.2% retroactive increase in income tax for 2009 and 2010 to cover the $900 million shortfall!
HB 318 Bill Analysis

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