Monday, February 15, 2010

OH-62 (House District): The Field is Growing

The OH-62 race is going to be an interesting one.  As you know former State Rep. Jamie Callender was pondering a run for the Republican Party's nomination.  For a variety of reasons already discussed Mr. Callender decided not to run.

It is a forgone conclusion that Loraine Fende WILL run again.  Fende filed a few weeks ago and issued a statement.  Based on the facts we know about Fende she SHOULD be vunerable.  Fende has never seen a tax increase she did not like...well maybe she has...she could have wanted a larger tax increase last year.  Remember that Loraine Fende voted to raise your income tax 4.2% retroactive for 2009 and for 2010; Ohio H.B. 318.

Michael Zuren, an Eastlake resident, HAS filed his nominating petitions and is seeking the Republican Party's nomination.  Michael Zuren ran for City Council in Eastlake this past fall.  Mr. Zuren finished fourth on a crowded ballot of six people seeking Council-at-Large seats in Eastlake.  Based on reports Mr. Zuren is a conservative who does not care one iota about the support of the establishment.  Good for him; the establishment should take heed of the mood around the country (i.e. Scott Brown and the Governor's races AND the TEA Party movement).

Dave Fiebig, Councilman-at-Large, is circulating petitions and is expected to file.  Counilman Fiebig will be seeking the Republican Party's nomination.  Councilman Fiebig has served Willoughby Hills for two terms and is on several committees; Fiebig is the Chairman of the Planning and Zoning Committee, a member of Finance Committee and a member of the Safety Committee.  There is a lot more data on Fiebig because of his website and voting record.

Fiebig's facebook fan page describes him as having "moderate" political views.  It seems likely that Councilman Fiebig will be supporting an income tax increase this May.  Fiebig, a member of the Finance Committee, MUST have had some say in the legislation read at last week's council meeting which introduced an income tax increase on those working in Willoughby Hills.  A closer read shows that some residents may actually get an income tax decrease, though, depending on what City they work in.

Doesn't matter though.  A tax increase is a tax increase is a tax increase.

If Councilman Fiebig supports this tax increase Zuren will be able to use it to his advantage in the Republican Party Primary.  In the event, Fiebig gets the nomination of the Republican Party he will NOT be able to paint Fende as the tax loving democrat many know her as if he wrongly supports an income tax increase.

This primary will be fun.

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