Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Raise Taxes Now, Really?!?

This May voters in Lake County, every one of you, will be faced with the choice of whether or not to approve a levy for the Lake County Developmental Disabilities Board; this is a proposed 3.4 mill levy that would add $58.20 per $100, 000 in property taxes.   In some communities, Madsion for instance, voters will be asked to approve a school levy; this 3.3 mill bond issue would add $115.50 per $100,000 to your property taxes.

In either case, Madison School Officials and the Board of Commissioners want to take more money out of your pocket; money that could be used to feed your kids, pay off debt, catch up on bills, etc.

 Other communities are considering "shuffling the deck" and rearranging the tax BURDEN; Willoughby Hills City Council is pondering whether or not to increase the income tax rate from 1.5% to 2.25%.  However, legislation being considered now would also increase the 100% credit from 1% to 1.85% for residents.  So, the tax burden would be shifted from many residents to the people who work in Willoughby Hills.  In any event someone may end up paying more taxes.

Officials in Willoughby Hills still have the chance to change their minds.

Consider this:  since February of last year somewhere between 7 - 8 million people have lost jobs.  Local companies like Ink Stop, Circuit City, Linens' and Things, ..., have gone belly-up.

Do you want pile on more taxes for someone?

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