Thursday, February 18, 2010

UPDATE: FILINGS and a little bit on OH-63

The Plain Dealer, over at, extensively covers the county-wide and State Legislature filings.

Every issue and every candidate is listed.

Lake County Filings (candidate and tax issues)

State Legislature

Ohio Court of Appeals

Right to our South and West are our friends in Geauga County

Geauga County-Wide filings (candidate and tax issues)

The State-wide ticket is finalized

The State-wide filings

Of course there are the federal filings

U.S. Congress filings

For now, all we will say is that in Lake County there are no surprises, unfortunately.  Unless something major happens we will be stuck with status quo after November. Sorry, we wish our initial reaction was different.

If you are Mark Schneider and Ron Young you can rest easy for a few days.  Why?  No primary challengers for the 63rd House District.  However, the race will be heavily contested and VERY nasty.

Mark Schenider had about $589, 000 spent by outside groups on T.V. adds compared to a paltry $116, 000...doesn't matter.  The point is the Ohio House Democrat Caucas can and WILL spend more than $600, 000 to beat up Ron Young with T.V. adds.  Ron Young will have Mark Schenider votes on tax and fee increases to beat on him with.  However, Ron Young was trounced by Lake County Treasurer recently; this fact won't matter much since Crocker has been around a long time and Young has no primary opponent.   However, if Ron Young wants to capitalize on Schneider's love for taxes, fees, and your money he MUST get his campaign moving fast and start hammering hard.   The democrats MUST hold OH-63 if they want to retain a majority.

More on the 62nd House District, the 98th House District, and other fun tonight...

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