Monday, February 1, 2010

Galloway Better Make-up his Mind and Get Busy...Even to be Competitive!

This fall Lake County Board of Commissioners President Dan Troy is up for re-election.  The political chattering class tells us that Concord Trustee Chris Galloway is considering a run for County Commissioner; he has pulled petitions.  What's with the delay in filing petitions...its not like your odds are improving.

Galloway better get serious if he is even to be competitive.

Simply put Dan Troy will raise big bucks.  A lot of money.  Tons of cash.

Case in point:  Bob Aufuldish had around $196, 000 on hand in April 2008 when he defeated Ray Somich in the 11/2008 General Election.  You can bet Dan Troy will raise even more money than that in order to defend his seat on the Board of Commissioners.

Let's say that Dan Troy ONLY raises 25 % more than Aufuldish.  That puts Troy at $250, 000.

Galloway will come nowhere close to that amount.

Galloway and his RedStateStrategies has struggled.  Galloway lost to Loraine Fende and has lost some key races for clients.  Let's hope more thought goes into how Galloway will compensate for a big difference in campaign bank accounts than he put into when he decided to allow Lake East's Administration Building to be outside of the JEDD.

Good Luck Mr. Galloway, you are going to need it.  Better get to work!


  1. How could it be possible to let the fat cats out of the JEDD when the working stiffs have to pay, Mr. Galloway?

  2. Well Anon., we can only speculate why Galloway played a part in allowing the highly paid administrators to escape the taxes.

    I know Mr. Galloway will read this, so maybe he will chime in on this conversation.

    I hate to be cynical, but maybe the high paid administrators are his friends? Contributors?

    I can tell you we will TRY to get to the bottom of this: watch out for an analysis of Chris Galloway's contributors.


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