Monday, February 15, 2010

UPDATE: Madison School Board Put Levy on May Ballot

Earlier today we THOUGT we missed the Madison Schools Levy.  A deep dig of past posts shows we covered this on 12/30/09, see here.

We are a little belated on the vote though. About two weeks ago the Madison School Board put a levy on the May ballot (News-Herald):
In a 4-1 vote Thursday night, Madison School Board approved the final placement of a 3.33-mill bond issue on the May 4 ballot to raise $21,857,274 — or 51 percent of the cost of a new middle school and elementary school — as well as a mandatory 0.5-mill, 37-year levy for the buildings' maintenance.
Madison School Board joins the leagues of the Lake County Commissioners and Willoughby Hills City Council by trying, proposing, etc. to raise your taxes.

Hats off!


  1. Who was the board member who voted no? We should give that individual a medal.

  2. What about the renewal of the county financing district for the following schools: Madison, Riverside, Perry and Painesville City that will be on the ballot in those four localities?

  3. We will be looking in to those issues. thank-you for pointing it out.

    We need your help!


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