Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Taxes, Fees, and now Passenger Rail!

Let's say you are Loraine Fende or Mark Schneider and you have to get down to Columbus in order to cast a vote that will raise taxes and fees.  The roll call is at, let's say, 10:00 AM with a vote to follow right after.

Wait a minute...this is not hypothetical you say?  What's that?  December 17th 2009 ring a bell?  Oh yeah!  That's right...on 12/17/2009 the Ohio Senate voted to pass House Bill 318, passed earlier in 12/09, which postpones a 5% income tax decrease that Ohio tax payers were given until 2011.  IT GETS WORSE...Fende and Schnieder voted "yes" on H.B. 318 which retroactively increases State income taxes 4.2% for 2009, and raises taxes 4.2% in 2010.

Back to the original are a tax hiking Ohio House Representative needing to get down to Columbus in order to vote on a bill that will seize more of people's discretionary income.  How do you get there?

Governor Strickland and some legislators hope that they would take a train...yet to be built.  A proposed rail project is supposed to get about $400 million in "stimulus money," and would have to be subsidized by the State of Ohio (You and I) to the tune of around $20 million per year.  The approx. $20 mil per year is the projected amount that user fees would NOT make-up.

Do you take the proposed passenger rail from Cleveland to Columbus, which could be taken to Cincinnati?A Plain Dealer story in the past few weeks says that if you are going to Columbus for business for the day you would arrive at 10:30 AM and have to leave at 3:30 PM; this is about the schedule of a tax hiking do nothing like Loraine Fende.  However, business people will shun this train boon doggle.  Note: I know law makers could go a day early and stay for several days while the legislature is in session...going for effect here!

The point: after Loraine Fende and Mark Schneider voted to raise your income tax, AND just about every fee the State imposes, including late registration of vehicles.  Now, they are talking about adding another $20 million per year to support passenger rail in Ohio!

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