Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2009 Filing for State Rep Schneider

Let's take a look at Mark Schneider State Representative of the 63rd Ohio House District. This is Mr. Schneider's first term serving the communities of Mentor, Painesville, Madison and Eastern Lake County. Here we have the campaign committee's (Friends of Mark Schneider) 2009 filing. As you review the document you will see Individual Contributors, Non-Individual Contributors, City in which the contributor resides, the amount donated (or invested) and the contributors place of employment.

We are not to surprised by the heavy donations he's received from unions. Sadly, its to be expected from Democratic Party politicians. Mark Schneider's top two contributions were generated from The Ohio Democratic Party and The Ohio State Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters. Take from this what you want, the important thing is that you do take from it. As stated before, we want to disclose contributions and provide you with the opportunity to eyeball who's supporting your candidates and elected officials. Maybe you'll see a friend's name, perhaps you'll see the name of a local republican. We believe its important to take a look at how many individuals and non individuals support Mr. Schneider from outside of Lake County. This is public information and we're bring it to the public.




    Frank Galluci donated $1, 000 to Mark Schnieder? you mean to tell me the Frank Galluci that pleaded guilty to a federal criminal information act that he was a "ringer" against Frank Russo; and, was subsequently rewarded with a job in the Cuyahoga County Auditor's Office?


    Schnieder must have no judgement!

  2. Good reporting. You do your research and report accurately. Thank you. I wish the News Herald would do their work as well. Can you tell me where you find this information on who donated to a candidate. I was trying to look this up for a couple of candidates and I couldn't locate it. Can you help me? Thanks for your good work.

  3. Dear Anon: State Rep's, State Senators, the Governor, and State wide Elected officials have their reports filed with the Sect Of State. you can search them at :


    Local elected officials files reports with the Lake County BOE. The Deputy Director said on the phone that you can call and request a report, for say a municpal official or county official, and go to the BOE and pick it up.

    The problem is that they want you there IN PERSON. My guess is so they can see who you are and report back to their cronies (i.e. elections board, party leaders, etc.) Remember, the BOE director and Deputy Dircector are appointed positions on a partisan basis.

    For instance, Jan Clair is a Republican b/c the Board director is Democrat. Scott Daisher is a Democrat; both are partisan people in partisan positions.

    Call the Lake County BOE at 440-918-2700.


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