Tuesday, February 9, 2010

OH-62 (House District): Dave Fiebig is Circulating Petitions

The Lake County BOE told our sources that Councilman-at-large Dave Fiebig (R, Willoughby Hills) signed out nominating petitions which means he will be seeking the Republican Party of Lake County's endorsement for the the 62nd House District in Lake County.  This development comes about a week after former Rep. Jamie Callender decided to not run for OH-62.

Dave Fiebig is a real estate developer.

We will keep you posted.

Word has it Loraine Fende is very, very worried.  Fiebig is a credible candidate that will get the Ohio House Republican Caucus' backing (i.e. money).

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  1. Dave will be a strong candidate, but not as strong as Callender would have been. Loraine Fende should be worried- she is vulnerable. She should be thanksful, however, that Callender bowed out.


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