Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Consequence of Raising Municipal Income Taxes: Willoughby Hills Should Pay Attention

Last year the voters of Brooklyn, Ohio were convinced by their Mayor and City Council that increasing the income tax 25% from 2.0 % to 2.25%.  American Greetings threatened to pull out of Brooklyn.

The City of Brooklyn wailed and moaned; they even called in Gov. Strickland (who raised taxes last year) to plea the City's case.

The City of Brooklyn seems to have come to its senses and is negotiating with American Greetings.  American Greetings employees pay 13% of the total revenues of Brooklyn, or $3 million.  Better believe Brooklyn will negotiate!

Does anyone think Willoughby Hills will be a good student of History?  Will Willoughby Hills raise income taxes a whopping 66% after they see companies are serious?

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