Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Small Piggy Bank: Steve Latourette's Campaign Coffers

The federal deadline for Federal Elections Commissions filings came and went.  Search your favorite candidate here.

FEC Disclosure Form 3 for LaTourette for Congress

Steve Latourette has a paltry $447, 048 on hand.  That won't hurt him because the County Democrat parties that comprise the 14th Congressional District can not muster the strength to get some one to take him on...sad.  With only "also ran" competition Latourette could with $40.  The lion's share of the 14th Congressional District is Lake, Ashtabula, and Geagua Counties: can't the democrat parties in those counties get someone to run against Latourette?

The 14th Congressional district takes up most of North East Ohio

Ohio Congressional Map

I mean c'mon!  Steve Latourette has Jamie Callender baggage...or, maybe Callender has Latourette baggage.  Astute political observers know Steve Latourette has been less than faithful over the years.  Take, for instance, Latourette's own personal soap opera: Latourette left his wife and home in Madison to marry a former chief of staff--turned lobbyist---turned house wife.  Jennifer Laptook, 17 years younger than Latourette, carried on an extramarital affair with Latourette while she was his Chief-of-Staff.

With that said...local Democrats should be ashamed they can't get someone to run against Steve Latourette.

Wake-up local democrats...wake-up local can do better!

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